ELM commercialises new, improved biobased drill rod grease

Iowa-based Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc. (ELM) announced that it has commercialised a new and improved biobased drill rod grease that meets the demanding environmental requirements of the drilling and mining industry. The grease has improved water washout properties and “is almost entirely made of renewable biobased materials with no heavy metals,” according to Saeed Soleimani, ELM production manager.

Drill rod grease is a multipurpose grease for high temperature and anti-seize applications, which has a smooth and tacky texture. Stricter environmental regulations in mining applications has created a demand for biobased and non-bioaccumulative grease and lubricant products, said ELM President Lou Honary. He said that “this product is a modification of our existing technology, but came about due to the increased inquiry from users that are seeking biodegradable products.”

Unlike other drill rod grease which uses lithium complex soap thickener, ELM uses aluminum complex soap thickeners “for improved water washout properties.” In addition, the grease “has environmentally safe additives to increase its mass density, and it is particularly effective in and around high water-flow with a balance of adhesiveness and cohesiveness”.

Although this biobased grease meets or exceeds the performance of conventional greases, the price is near price parity with conventional greases.

ELM is a biobased technology leader and manufacturer, marketing only through private label and distributors.