Engen unveils new B2B brand positioning: 'Always Moving'
Photo courtesy of Engen

Engen unveils new B2B brand positioning: ‘Always Moving’

Engen Petroleum Limited, an Africa-based energy company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses, has introduced its new business-to-business (B2B) brand positioning titled “Always Moving,” aiming to strengthen its status as the top provider of commercial fuels, lubricants, chemicals, and services.

This initiative underscores Engen’s commitment to supporting continuous industry operations with its advanced technological solutions.

Adnaan Emeran, Engen’s marketing and business development manager for Commercial Fuels and Lubricants, emphasised the dynamic nature of modern industries. “In an era where industry never stands still, Engen moves alongside its customers, ensuring their operations are optimised and remain productive,” said Emeran.

The “Always Moving” campaign is designed to create a powerful visual and auditory experience, featuring heavy machinery in motion, symbolising the relentless activity in key sectors such as mining, agriculture, fleet and transport, manufacturing, and construction. This representation serves to highlight Engen’s dedication to maintaining high productivity and keeping the wheels of industry turning.

Emeran described Engen’s role as more than just a supplier—it is a partner that empowers industries to stay productive and profitable. “This new customer proposition builds on Engen’s brand philosophy of ‘what matters to you matters to us,’ as well as its long-standing promise of ‘With us you are Number One,'” he said.

“‘Always Moving’ is more than a tagline; it’s a promise,” he added. “Engen’s extensive footprint across Southern Africa ensures security of supply, while its premium products and holistic solutions go beyond merely providing lubricants, fuels and chemicals.”

A key feature of the campaign is a short film titled “The Sound of Moving,” which portrays Engen as the conductor of an industrial orchestra, highlighting the vibrancy and essential nature of continuous industry operations. “This captures the essence of industry vitality and highlights Engen’s collaborative approach in keeping industries in motion,” said Emeran.