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Photo courtesy of Engineered Fluids

Engineered Fluids to distribute immersion cooling fluids in Asia

Engineered Fluids, Inc., a supplier of dielectric cooling fluids, has signed an agreement with Unic Technology Corp., a leading Taiwanese company specialising in data centres and automotive components. This collaboration will promote the use of immersion cooling technology in electric vehicles (EVs), energy storage solutions, and data centres throughout the Asian market.

The partnership bolsters Engineered Fluids’ presence in Asia, a region witnessing a surge in demand for advanced EV and stationary battery cooling solutions. Market analysts project this sector to post a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8-12%.

Gary Testa, president and CEO of Engineered Fluids, Inc., expressed optimism about the company’s expansion plans in Asia. “Our alliance with UNIC Tech Group will help us to meet the increasing need for electronics thermal management in Asia with our proprietary coolant technology.”

Echoing this sentiment, Terry Lin, director of Product at Unic, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership. “These advanced coolants and UNIC’s technology will elevate the service level for thermal designers in our market,” Lin said. He emphasised the strategic importance of Unic’s role as the distribution partner for Engineered Fluids in Asia, focusing on enhancing customer experiences.

Rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry, data centres, and stationary battery arrays have increased worldwide demand for Engineered Fluids’ flagship products, ElectroCool and AmpCool Coolants, the company said. Stationary battery arrays refer to large-scale battery systems that are installed in a fixed location, as opposed to being mobile or portable. These arrays are designed to store electrical energy for various applications, often involving power management and energy storage for commercial, industrial, or utility-scale purposes. These industries increasingly rely on immersion in non-conductive coolant fluids, a technology that has been touted as more efficient for cooling electronic devices than traditional methods.

Engineered Fluids, Inc., a pioneer in immersion cooling technology is a privately held corporation with sales offices in St Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A., and sales and distribution offices worldwide.