ENVO: Petrofer's response to sustainability in industrial lubricants
Photo courtesy of Petrofer

ENVO: Petrofer’s response to sustainability in industrial lubricants

Petrofer, a key player in the industrial lubricants, specialty fluids, and process chemicals sector, has introduced its ENVO product line. This move is part of the company’s efforts to align with global sustainability trends, offering a range of products that aim to be environmentally friendly while maintaining quality and performance.

Based in Hildesheim, Germany, the company operates in 70 countries, through 14 subsidiaries, five joint ventures and several licensees. A family-owned company, Petrofer has 1,210 employees worldwide, 10 production plants and four global technology development centres.

The introduction of the ENVO product line comes at a time when industries worldwide are grappling with the challenges of sustainability. The ENVO range is designed to provide solutions that are sustainable from formulation to application.

However, the benefits of ENVO products extend beyond environmental considerations. By reducing water consumption, wastewater generation, energy demand, and waste volume, these products also promise potential financial savings for customers, the company said. They also contribute to a reduction in the overall corporate carbon footprint, which could lead to lower environmental taxes.

ENVO products are presented as future-proof solutions, designed to meet emerging standards and minimise the need for frequent product changes. This could facilitate a smoother transition to sustainable practices for businesses.