Ergon - West Virginia refinery restarts operation after fire
Photo courtesy of Ergon

Ergon – West Virginia refinery restarts operation after fire

Ergon โ€“ West Virginia Inc. announced yesterday that they have begun the process of restarting the refinery following the May 29 fire. Sales will be limited initially as the company rebuilds its inventory position.

Located on the Ohio River at Newell, West Virginia, U.S.A., Ergon – West Virginia has a production capacity of 23,500 barrels of crude per day. 

Ergon – West Virginia utilizes very high-pressure hydrotreating, solvent dewaxing, vacuum distillation and residuum solvent de-asphalting to produce highly refined paraffinic process and base oils, bright stocks, ultra-low sulfur gasoline and diesel fuels, waxes and petroleum resins.

Paraffinic process and base oils produced at Ergon – West Virginia are used in a variety of applications, including automotive and industrial lubricants, grease, chemical process industries, and rubber applications. 

Due to the damage to the naphtha unit, fuels production will be further delayed.

โ€œWe are working around the clock to make the repairs necessary to bring the refinery back online safely,โ€ said Chris Marquette, senior vice president of Ergonโ€™s Petroleum Specialties Marketing Division. โ€œOur entire team is committed to resuming supply for our loyal customers as soon as possible.โ€

Updates regarding production will be posted on

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