Eurol unveils new fuel-efficient heavy-duty engine oils
Photo courtesy of Eurol

Eurol unveils new fuel-efficient heavy-duty engine oils

Eurol BV, the largest independent lubricant manufacturer in the Netherlands, has introduced two new fully synthetic engine oils: Geo-Max FE 5W-20 and Geo-Max SA 5W-30. These products are designed to cater to the modern heavy-duty sector, emphasising fuel efficiency.

The Geo-Max FE 5W-20, with its low viscosity, is tailored for MAN and Scania engines, aligning with the MAN M 3977 and Scania LDF-5 specifications. Both MAN and Scania, under the Traton Group umbrella, have collaborated closely in engine and transmission development. This partnership is evident in the similarities between the MAN M 3977 and Scania LDF-5 oil specifications.

Specifically, the MAN M 3977 specification aims to reduce fuel consumption, pollution, and CO2 emissions in the latest MAN Euro VI-D engines. Achieving these reductions requires a low-viscosity grade and a lower high-temperature high-shear (HTHS) value. Meanwhile, the Scania LDF-5 specification has been a standard for EURO VI Scania engines for years. Due to their low-viscosity grades, neither the MAN M 3977 nor the SCANIA LDF-5 specifications are compatible with older versions.

On the other hand, the Geo-Max SA 5W-30 offers fuel savings for contemporary truck engines. It complies with the API FA-4 specification and the Mercedes MB 228.61 specification. To determine the compatibility of these synthetic engine oils with specific heavy-duty vehicles, users can consult the Eurol oil advisor available on their website and app.

Both the Eurol Geo-Max FE 5W-20 and the Eurol Geo-Max SA 5W-30 are available in various packaging options, including a 5-litre bottle, a 20-litre bag-in-box, and a 210-litre drum.