Europe’s first liquid hydrogen truck trial launched
Photo courtesy of Daimler Truck AG

Europe’s first liquid hydrogen truck trial launched

INEOS Inovyn, in collaboration with Daimler Truck AG and transport partner VERVAEKE, has initiated a trial of Europe’s first heavy-duty liquid hydrogen truck. This significant step aligns with broader efforts to meet Europe’s Net Zero targets by advancing sustainable transportation solutions.

The Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck, which is at the center of this trial, boasts a range of more than 1,000 km and maintains payload capacities comparable to conventional diesel trucks. This innovative vehicle is powered by liquid hydrogen, marking a pivotal advancement in fuel-cell technology. The trial is set to run for one year starting mid-2024, during which the trucks will be tested under real-life conditions across Germany.

INEOS Inovyn, one of the largest producers of low-carbon hydrogen, with an annual output of 60,000 tonnes across its various sites, is both a user and producer of hydrogen. This places the company in a strategic position to spearhead the transition towards hydrogen fuel. Wouter Bleukx, business director, Hydrogen at INEOS Inovyn, expressed enthusiasm for the trials, noting, “Hydrogen is a game-changing source of energy which will transform truck technology and help us reach a net zero future.”

The trial involves not only testing the functionality and efficiency of the hydrogen-powered trucks but also aims to optimise the logistical operations of transporting INEOS Inovyn’s products. The company, as Europe’s leading producer of vinyls, regularly makes numerous customer deliveries each month, highlighting the substantial impact that such a transition to hydrogen fuel could have on reducing CO2 emissions in supply chains.

Frédéric Derumeaux, CEO of VERVAEKE, emphasised the long-standing partnership between VERVAEKE and INEOS Inovyn, noting that both companies share a commitment to technological innovation and ecological sustainability. This trial reinforces their partnership and showcases their commitment to pioneering projects that promote sustainability.

This initiative not only highlights the potential for hydrogen to decarbonise heavy-duty transportation but also positions INEOS Inovyn and its partners at the forefront of technological innovations aimed at creating a more sustainable future.