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Getenergy Global 2017, to be held between 7th – 9th May at the Business Design Centre, London, is the event that connects the oil & gas industry, governments and education & training to support the localisation of operations and efficiency drive in business wide learning and development.

After 13 years in education and training for the oil/gas business, Getenergy is uniquely positioned to deliver a forum where meaningful discussions and partnerships can be advanced around localisation agendas built on strong local supply chains, local education systems and government capacity.

In this low oil price environment, we see a greater alignment between the interests of IOCs & Governments to maintain value in the economy and utilise a capable, local supply chain and skilled local workforce, and to this end, the aim of the 2017 Getenergy Global event is to:

  • Enable governments, industry and education to develop partnerships that will help them achieve sustainable, long term benefits for society and the wider economy
  • Build capacity of Governments to create effective policies for social contracts which support IOC & Government alignment in a low oil price environment; avoiding the trap of unintended consequences by better aligning policy development with the realities of international business
  • To be the marketplace for universities, training institutions, governments & industry to connect and share practical approaches to enabling a capable local workforce and develop meaningful, lasting partnerships

Interactive and collaborative workshops will set out to determine ways in which the more effective localisation of operations can be achieved, founded on education and training strategies.

Leaders from industry, education and Government will share lessons learned, new initiatives and opportunities for future partnerships.