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5th China Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit 2014

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With the support and suggestion of CNPC, Sinopec ,China United Coalbed Methane Company , the coalbed methane industry association of Shanxi Province and Henan Provincial Coal Seam Gas Development and Utilization Company ,GICC will organize the 5th China Unconventional Oil&Gas Summit 2014 (CBM/CMM focus) in Taiyuan ,Shanxi Province, China during 27th-28th,March,2014.

China is currently the fourth biggest gas consuming country in the world. China has one of the world’s largest reserves of CBM, mostly located in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, up to 36.8 TCM, including recoverable CBM reserves 11 TCM.So One of Chinaโ€™s strategic priorities is to develop the CBM industry in order to establish domestic sources of energy, move to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and promote safer energy production including mine safety .Many foreign investors are entering the Chinese CBM sector as the Chinese government has set out a series of preferential policies for overseas investment to enter the methane exploitation sector, including tax rebates. On December 31st, 2011, China National Energy Bureau officially released China’s “the 12th five-year plan of Coalbed Methaneโ€™s development and utilizationโ€ (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”). Plan point out that the national Coalbed Methane production will reach 30 billion cubic meters by 2015, which is 20 times more than the capacity of 2010.

So building on the massive success of the past FOUR Unconventional Oil & Gas Events, the 5th China Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit has generated a timely and strategic two-day program to discuss the promotion policies, investment opportunities and the exploration and production technologies in the field of CBM/CMM industry. You will hear the voice of the following industry leaders:
National Energy Administration, China.
Ministry of Land &Resources, China
National Development and Reform Commission, China
China United Coalbed Methane
Petrochina Coalbed Methane
Henan Provincial Coal Seam Gas Development & Utilization
The coalbed methane industry association of Shanxi Province
JinCheng Anthracite Mining Group
Dart Energy
Sino Gas & Energy
Arrow Energy
Far East Energy
For more information, please visit the official website: www.gicc.org.cn/uog5
Organizer contact: Jordan CHOU
Tel: 86-371-55958175; Email: [email protected]