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China Chongqing International Lubricating oil & grease, Maintenance Supplies, Technology & Equipment Expo, 2013

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China Chongqing International Lubricating oil & grease, Maintenance
Supplies, Technology & Equipment Expo, 2013
Sept.11 ~ 13, 2013 Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center

Sponsored by:
China association of lubricating oil
Sichuan Lubricating Oil Society
Chongqing Mechanical Engineering Society
Chongqing Automobile Business Association
Beijing Dingcheng Chuangyin International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Organized by:
Beijing Dingcheng Chuangyin International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Schedule
Registration & Build up: Sept.9-10, 2013(09:00–17:00)
Opening Ceremony: Sept.11, 2013 (09:30)
Exhibition & Trading: Sept.11~13, 2013 (09:00–16:30)
Closure & Dismantling: Sept.13, 2013 (16:00)

Market Overview
Integrating advantages of all parties, leading developments of industry. With the background of China’s lubricating oil yearly consumption increase being the first in the world, and the strong foundation building on experience of previous successful expos, 2013 China Chong qing International Lubricating oil & grease, Technology & Equipment Expo will be held in Chongqing, the famous city for cars and motorbikes located in the southwest of China. The aim of the show is to accelerate developments of Southwest industry maintenance market, establish the best platform to understand industry technology trends, follow the market changes, lower the purchase costs and choose preferred suppliers for industry maintenance market. Meanwhile, the event will promote lubricating oil consumption high-end, normalized and China-focused in future.
The West China Development holds the trigger for China’s future economic development which centered Chongqing. The show corresponds efficiently to the call of the country for meeting the demand of the market. Also, it is the first lubricating show to combine the above trends. You holding the present, winning the future. 2013 China Chongqing International Lubricating oil & grease, Technology & Equipment Expo (Chongqing Lubricating Oil Expo for short) will have its grand opening at Chongqing International Exhibition Center in September. Strategy makes the future, and speed determines success. Now, the promotions of organizing exhibitors have started. As the main sponsors, we here sincerely invite companies of lubricating oil and grease from home and abroad to attend this event. We will guarantee you convenient and best services for exhibiting.

Exhibit Profile

◆Automotive Lubricants & Maintenance Supplies: automotive lubricant oil, deicing fluid, braking fluid, cooling liquid, anti-wear agent, pour point depressant, improver, antirust additive etc.;

◆Lubricant oils, Grease and Furnace Oil Additives, Industrial Lubrication Oils: used for metallurgy, machinery, energy, aviation, ship-building, railway, harbor machinery, metal working and so on;

◆Fully synthetic based oils, based oil additives, producing equipments and test instruments for lubricant oil producing, packaging, filling, label printing and blending. Full excellent lubrication technology, evaluation method and quality control technologies.

◆Lubricating system & equipments: accessory equipments used for lubricating system design, development, maintenance and related environment treatment.

◆Related Instruments: analytical instrument, experimental testing Instrument and testing desk used for lubricant oil.

◆Metal working machines, metal forming machines, electrical process machines, linear cutting machines, industrial automation equipments, numerical control systems, digital display units, machine tools & accessories; welding cutting equipments, warehouse logistic equipments etc.

Exhibition Promotion

◆ We will promote our exhibition by large and accurate data accumulation, promotion net relationship and large amount of professional media, such as: professional magazines, newspaper, websites, TV, outdoor media advertisements, direct mail advertising, emails, MSM, special mailing, organized purchasing group by association, telemarketing etc. These methods and ways are proved effectively by our many years’ work.

◆ Before exhibition, the organizing committee will post exhibition messages & advertisements on more than one hundred professional newspapers, magazines and websites. Combined with our huge influence & authority, we will insist on advertising to users by main media, to producers & dealers by professional media. Our aim is to build an internationally professional lubricating oil exhibition.

◆ We will invite about 90 thousand professional visitors from home and abroad by mail exhibition tickets, invite more than 200 thousand professional users by emails, invite more than 10 thousand sales companies & distributors by fax, and invite more than 1000 professional VIPs by invitation cards. Meanwhile, we will entrust global professional associations, societies and media for organizing visitors. More important, exhibitors can invite their own target users by tickets & VIP invitation cards provided by the organizing committee.

Booth Types & Charges

Booth Type Specification Domestic Company Joint Venture Foreign Company
Standard Booth (3×3)㎡ RMB 8800 RMB 12800 USD 3000
Raw Space Min. Rent: 36㎡ RMB 900/㎡ RMB 1380/㎡ USD 300/㎡

Note: 1. Additional 20% of the booth fee should be charged for the international standard stand with two openings. 2. Standard Booth Includes: back & side walls,carpet,fascia board,two fluorescent lightings, one consulting table,two chairs and one power socket(220V). 3. Raw Space: no rack or equipment is provided by the organizer. Exhibitors can appoint their own stand contractor or delegate official contractor to customize their stand design.

Exhibition Advertisements
For assist exhibitors making effective advertisement during the show, and keep business contact with clients after the show, the organizing committee will compile exhibition catalogue in which every exhibitor can supply their introduction with less than 200 characters for free.

Exhibition Catalogue Advertisement on Site
Front Cover ¥20000 Inside Back Page ¥10000 Ticket 210 × 90 (mm) ¥8000/10000 pics
Back Cover ¥16000 Inside Colored Page ¥6000 Admission Card 88×125(mm) ¥20000/10000 pics
Inside Front Cover ¥12000 Inside W & B Page ¥3000 Handbags ¥30000/10000 bags
Catalogue size:210mm×140mm Banner 20m×2.5m ¥30000/show

Participation Procedures

1. Please fill up the form of Application and Contract with company seal and signature of responsible officer, then fax or e-mail it to the organizing committee.

2. After your application has been confirmed by the organizing committee, please send full payment to the appointed account by T/T within 5 days, then fax your cash remittance to the Organizing Committee for check.

3. After receiving your full payment, the Organizing Committee will mail you invoice and Exhibition Guide.

4. Exhibit Space Arrangement: The organizer will assign booths on a basis of “first applied, first served”. The organizer keeps the rights for relocating a few booths for the whole exhibition effects.

Exhibition Service

◆ We can transact exhibits transportation and customs clearance, introduce favorable hotels, tourism route, reserve international air/train tickets in advance for exhibitors.

◆ We can provide free exhibition tickets to exhibitors for them inviting clients.

◆ Exhibitors who need water, power, compressed air for exhibits demonstrating should apply one month before exhibition.

Exhibition Organizing Committee

Add: Room 5-401, Building No.10, East One of Huoying Longqi Garden,
Changping District, Beijing, China (102209)
Tel.: +86-10-56126909
Fax: +86-10-80749169
Contact: Miss Xue (+86-136 5127 2667)
E-mail: [email protected]
Http: www.luexpo.com