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ELGI 2021 Virtual Spring Events

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19th-20th April ELGI-STLE Tribology Exchange Workshop
21st-22nd April ELGI Working Group Meetings
26th-27th April ELGI Grease Symposium


ELGI-STLE Tribology Exchange Workshop
Hosted by Hannes Grillenberger (Schaeffler) and Manfred Jungk (ELGI Director). Both days will include live presentations from experts in the field of tribology & recorded presentations from the Tribology Frontiers Conference. There will be Round Table Discussions each afternoon following the presentations. Virtual Tribology Exchange Workshop Programme.


Biannual Working Group Meetings & Chairmen. Virtual WG Meetings Programme.

  • Food Grade Lubricants – Andre Adam (Fragol)
  • Grease Particle Evaluation – Joe Kaperick (Afton chemical)
  • Bio-base grease – George S. Dodos (Eldonโ€™s)
  • Test Methods – Olaf Hoeger (Shell)
  • Railway Lubricants – Matt Smeeth (PCS)


Grease Symposium

  • Presentations by ELGI Chairman; ELGI partners: NLGI; CLGI; India-Chapter;
  • Report on working groups projects the past year.
  • Presentations by Imperial College; GKN, Tribotecc, Eldonโ€™s; Grease Technology Solutions; Functional Products; Ingram Tribology, Liaoning Haihua Technology; Fraunhofer IWES; SKF Lubrication Systems; Matrilub; Optimol Instruments. Virtual Grease Symposium Programme
  • Networking opportunities
  • Virtual Exhibitions