Evonik opens Asia Pacific Oil Additives Performance Test Lab in China
Photo of Fuliang Xiu, President of Evonik Greater China, courtesy of Evonik Oil Additives

Evonik opens Asia Pacific Oil Additives Performance Test Lab in China

Evonik Oil Additives, which is part of German specialty chemical company Evonik AG, announced the opening of a new Asia Pacific Oil Additives performance test lab in Shanghai, China. This new performance test lab, housing state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and testing services, aims to serve customers in the lubricants industry in China and the Asia Pacific region.

With the opening of the performance test lab, Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific technical center has been further expanded. Since it was inaugurated in 2005 and expanded in 2010 and 2014, this newly expanded technical center strengthens Evonikโ€™s commitment to support customers with formulation development, lab testing, bench and rig tests and performance demonstrations under real-world conditions.

Performance tests play an important role during the development of lubricant additives and base oils. It brings about the differentiation between lubricant formulations under test conditions that mimic either real world or more severe conditions. The new performance test lab is equipped with the FZG efficiency test rig, FE8 bearing wear test, the Denison HF-0 test rig and mini traction machine, etc.

“The new performance test lab represents our continued investment in China and Asia Pacific and strengthens our focus on delivering tailor-made solutions to our customers throughout the region,” said David Siwinski, head of Global Customer Relations, Evonik Oil Additives. ” We believe that our advanced products, our comprehensive testing facilities and our team of global experts can help our customers to formulate high performance and fuel-efficient lubricant solutions to meet the lubricant industryโ€™s growing technical demands and to create possibilities for a sustainable world.โ€

“Evonik has been active in China since the 1930โ€™s. Especially during the last two decades, Evonik has been investing in various projects and experiencing rapid business growth in China. Open and continuous innovation is deeply in the DNA of a leading specialty company like Evonik. The expansion of Oil Additives technical center in Shanghai marks another milestone in building our technical expertise and innovation competences to meet customersโ€™ needs. It also demonstrates our confidence in the sustainable growth in the lubricant industry in the region,โ€ said Fuliang Xia, president of Evonik Greater China, during the opening ceremony.

Asia Pacific, especially China, is expected to account for the largest share of the growth of the global lubricants industry. The increasing number of vehicles and rising spending in the industrial sector and in infrastructure development is projected to make this region the fastest growing region.

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