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Exol Lubricants launches new fluid analysis service

Exol Lubricants, the UKโ€™s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, has launched a new fluid analysis service that will help to eliminate the risk of machines failing prematurely.

Fluid Check allows machine operators to regularly monitor the condition of the lubricating fluid they are using so as to detect the type of contaminants and wear issues that can cause early machine failure.

“Operators often donโ€™t check the quality of the lubricant in their machine at regular intervals but thatโ€™s mainly because there isnโ€™t an easy, no hassle system in place to facilitate that,โ€ says Steve Dunn, sales director.

Operators simply draw a sample of fluid from their machine and then send it to Exol for comprehensive testing. The results are then posted to a secure web-based portal that operators can access to download the test data. If the fluid needs to be changed, the data will tell the operator and they can schedule maintenance before a failure occurs.

“Our Fluid Check service aims to overcome that problem by making it really easy for operators to get a rapid and clear picture of the quality of the fluid theyโ€™re using. If there is a deterioration in fluid quality thatโ€™s likely to cause a failure, Fluid Check will identify the problem and flag it up so that the necessary maintenance can be completed in good time.โ€