Exol unveils new range of anti-freeze

Exol, the UK’s largest independent lubricants company, has announced the launch of its new anti-freeze range, featuring four products covering heavy duty and passenger vehicle applications.

The new range features Antifreeze HD (Green), Antifreeze HDX (Blue), Antifreeze SOAT (Lilac) and Antifreeze OAT Universal (Clear). The product range has been formulated based on special OAT inhibitor technology, produced in response to the evolving technological development of cooling systems in modern vehicles, while ensuring long coolant operational life.

The coolants contain additives to protect a full range of vehicle types, offering year-round protection, while performing well in challenging conditions.

“As we head towards winter, our new range of anti-freeze offers garages, CV workshops and distributors the perfect opportunity to get ‘winter ready’ as demand increases, while offering motorists peace of mind,” said Steve Dunn, Exol sales director.

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