ExxonMobil and Cepsa renew their marine lubricants agreement
Photo courtesy of Cepsa

ExxonMobil and Cepsa renew their marine lubricants agreement

Cepsa and ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical BV have renewed their agreement to manufacture, distribute and supply ExxonMobil marine lubricants  in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. The business relationship has been renewed for 10 years and expands the geographical scope of the collaboration to include distributing  and supplying the lubricants in Morocco. 

The agreement, in addition to being extended for a decade in the countries where it already operated, allows ExxonMobil’s marine lubricants to be additionally sold in the  African country. Specifically, the entire range of oils will be distributed, including  MobilGard™ products for engines along with dedicated formulations for hydraulic  systems, gears and compressors, as well as greases. Sales will start from the port of  Tangier to Casablanca and will be expanded to the rest of Morocco’s ports throughout  2023. 

The agreement consolidates Cepsa’s role as authorized distributor of these lubricants for  all vessel types with bulk supply capacity in Algeciras, Ceuta, Gibraltar and Tangier, the  region’s four main ports to carry out this activity. 

Carlos Barrasa, Cepsa’s director of Commercial & Clean Energies, emphasized the  importance of renewing this business relationship and expansion into Morocco. 

“We truly  value our long-standing relationship with ExxonMobil. Commercial innovation and  exceeding our customers’ expectations were key to enabling this alliance to continue as  a leader in the sector after more than half a century. Now, we are extending our reach  to Morocco and will be able to accompany our marine customers in the crucial next years as the marine industry embarks on its own decarbonization journey.” 

“Our  continued relationship with Cepsa, and the expansion into Morocco, will help ensure that  vessel operators have even better access to the lubricants they need, when and where  they need them. ExxonMobil is committed to supporting the marine industry during a  period of change. This agreement plays an important role in helping make that ambition  a reality,” said Joanne Eu, Global Aviation and Marine Lubricants director, ExxonMobil.

The agreement between the two companies establishes Cepsa’s manufacturing of  MobilGard™ brand lubricants at its plant in San Roque, Cádiz. The Spanish company is  also an authorized distributor of more than 90 products within the ExxonMobil range of  lubricants in more than 130 ports in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar, where it annually  supplies a thousand maritime vessels of all types, including international navigation  vessels, coastal navigation, merchant, fishing and recreational vessels.  

50 years of history 

The relationship between the two companies began in 1973 with the creation of a  lubricant production plant next to Cepsa’s facilities in San Roque. Cepsa has been a distributor of the ExxonMobil range of marine lubricants in Spain since the plant was  commissioned in 1976.  

Both companies later agreed to extend their agreement to include distribution and supply  to the ports of Gibraltar in 1997 and Portugal in 2008. 

The renewal of this agreement has enabled ExxonMobil to continue to have a trusted  business counterpart to further expand the market for its range of marine lubricants that  are aimed at protecting engines and equipment, as well as improving their efficiency. 

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