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ExxonMobil appoints lubricant distributor in Namibia

ExxonMobil has appointed Lubrication Specialists as an authorised distributor in Namibia for Mobil automotive, industrial and marine lubricants effective 1 Jan. 2015.

Alwyn van der Meere, general manager of Lubrication Specialists, said, โ€œHaving distributed Mobil products for several years, we are well acquainted with ExxonMobil. We are very excited about this new distributorship agreement, as it means we will drive the growth of the Mobil brand in Namibia with robust and proven local presence.โ€

Lubrication Specialists is a Namibian company supplying marine, automotive and industrial lubricants and greases from their six branches across the country. The company is the sole distributor of ExxonMobil products in the country of 2.1 million people. Formerly called South West Africa, Namibia is the least dense country in the world. About 25% of Namibiaโ€™s revenues come from the mining sector.