ExxonMobil creating bespoke marine engine oil offer with rebrand
Photo courtesy of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil creating bespoke marine engine oil offer with rebrand

ExxonMobil has transferred some of its Mobil Delvac™ oils over into the MobilGard™ family ahead of likely reformulations due to evolving maritime regulations and operational requirements. The rebranding is the first step in creating a bespoke marine industry offering for the U.S.-based oil major.

Mobil Delvac is an advanced line of heavy-duty engine oil products including synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional oils for diesel engines, while MobilGard is a comprehensive range of marine engine oils.

“At present, on-highway engine oils are commonly used in inland and coastal vessels due to the similarity of engine design. However, the two markets have quite distinct operation parameters and those disparities are likely to increase,” said Alan Suan, marine chief engineer – Americas, ExxonMobil. “Changing marine regulations are likely to have an impact on fuel formulations, which in turn will drive the need for dedicated, high-performance engine oil formulations.”

The switch, which will help vessel operators prepare for the future, has affected two grades: 

  • Mobil Delvac™ 1 has become Mobilgard™ 1 HSD
  • Mobil Delvac™ 1300 Super has become Mobilgard™ HSD+

Mobilgard™ HSD 15W-40 engine oil is designed to provide outstanding performance in the most severe-service marine applications of modern, high-speed diesel engines.

Mobilgard™ HSD+ 15W-40 is an advanced, multigrade diesel engine oil that help extend engine life and is formulated for severe service high-speed diesel engines in marine applications.

Selecting appropriate lubricants and supporting services will be an essential part of compliant vessel operations. Understanding their role and benefits has the potential to deliver a range of valuable operational advantages. For example, the underlying chemistry of an oil can help deliver enhanced wear protection and extend its operating life, which in turn can enhance engine operations and reduce waste oil disposal.

“Vessel operators should discuss switching to a marine-specific, high-speed diesel engine oil with their lubricant supplier to secure the maximum available benefits,” said Suan. “This will help ensure that they choose the optimal formulations that match both their operational needs, now and when emissions regulations evolve in the future.”