ExxonMobil introduces Mobil Solvancer, an oil-soluble cleaner
Photo courtesy of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil introduces Mobil Solvancer, an oil-soluble cleaner

ExxonMobil has introduced Mobil™ Solvancer®, an oil-soluble cleaner that offers industry-leading performance to help operators of power generation and petrochemical equipment improve equipment reliability and reach extended overhaul-to-overhaul goals. 

The new oil soluble cleaner is the latest addition to ExxonMobil’s portfolio of high-performance, Mobil-branded products and services for power generation applications. 

“When operating power generation and petrochemical equipment, maximizing productivity and enhancing reliability is critical to minimizing downtime and driving your bottom line,” said Sarah Parsons, Industrial Lubricants brand manager. 

Designed for gas and steam turbine applications

Designed for gas and steam turbine applications, compressors and hydraulic systems, Mobil Solvancer offers industry-leading performance to support oil conversions, alleviate operational issues due to varnish, and help with oil life extension. The product can be added to in-service oils to help dissolve varnish and organic deposits quickly from within the system, helping address escalating bearing temperatures and avoid issues such as re-adhesion, transfer of deposits, filter fouling, and oil line flow blockage.

The cleaner offers one of the industry’s lowest treat rates – 3 to 5% compared to the average treat rate of 10-15%. Mobil Solvancer also offers extended protection of more than one year, exceeding the longevity of most competitive products.

The product was developed with Fluitec, an industry leader in oil enhancement technologies, and is based on the company’s DECON™ technology.

“This relationship between ExxonMobil and Fluitec helps scale our patent-pending technology while bringing a high-value, cost-effective solution to Mobil’s customer base,” said Pierre Vanderkelen, Fluitec’s CEO. 

Mobil Solvancer is gentle on systems and compatible with a wide range of oils, reducing the need for costly and laborious cleaning and flushing procedures. Specifically, the cleaner is compatible with lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API Group I to IV base stocks and has no adverse impact on in-service oil or additive performance. Mobil Solvancer also offers exceptional seal compatibility, and it is benign to paints and coatings commonly used in gas and steam turbine applications, compressors and hydraulic systems, the company said.

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