ExxonMobil licenses Mobil brand to Sol Group in Puerto Rico
Photo courtesy of Sol Group

ExxonMobil licenses Mobil brand to Sol Group in Puerto Rico

The Sol Group announced the launch of the Mobil® brand in Puerto Rico through  its alliance with ExxonMobil. Sol Puerto Rico Limited (Sol) is ExxonMobil's licensee for the  use of the Mobil® brand in its network of gas stations in Puerto Rico. Mobil-branded service stations will offer consumers fuels with Synergy™, Mobil Synergy Extra™ and  Mobil Synergy Supreme+™ technology.

"ExxonMobil auto racing engineers created the Mobil Synergy™ racing fuels  for the RB18 race car, improving efficiency and reducing deposits, while maximizing every drop of fuel. We put the advances of ExxonMobil's global innovation and technology at the service of Mobil's  consumer. The learnings from the Technology Alliance with Oracle Red Bull Racing are applied to the  technologically advanced development of Synergy™ fuels, now including Puerto Rico," said Mario Chavez, Latin America Fuels manager at ExxonMobil Product Solutions Company, Exxon Mobil  Corporation.

Pierre Magnan, president of The Sol Group, said that "this launch reaffirms our commitment to  provide the best value proposition, with the highest quality fuels and services, at a competitive price.  The arrival of Mobil® is being led by the extraordinary Sol team and supported by our alliance with  ExxonMobil. We are proud to support our retailers through an estimated USD22.5 million investment in  Puerto Rico for the product quality assurance program, infrastructure and brand transformation, offering consumers an innovative design with superior lighting and the confidence to offer fuels with  Mobil's unique and exclusive formula at each Mobil-branded station." 

The Sold Group will send USD7.5 million to promote the Mobil® brand  and products in Puerto Rico, Magnan added.

“The campaign began with an anticipation  phase to generate recognition on the arrival of the Mobil® brand to Puerto Rico. The second phase  included a private presentation and technical presentation on fuel quality for retailers on the plans to  introduce the Mobil brand and its high-quality products, as well as an integrated communications and marketing plan that will support the retailer network across the island and give visibility to each station  in its closest surroundings," said Mayra Blancovich, manager of the  Fuel Category and Programs for Puerto Rico at The Sol Group.

Nanette Pagán, Brand, Communications, and External Affairs manager at The Sol Group, said the company has an ambitious plan to transform its network of more than 170 fuel retail outlets over a three-month period.

“Our goal is to conveniently offer Mobil brand high-quality fuels throughout the Island.  This unprecedented transformation has led to the hiring of companies specialized in the category and in  compliance with the strictest safety and brand standards. We look forward to positioning the Mobil  brand as the leading brand and increasing our network of Mobil-branded stations to more than 200 in the  next two years," she said.