ExxonMobil now offering larger volumes of Group II base stocks from Singapore refinery

ExxonMobil is serving the base oil market with additional capacity, following the completion of its Jurong base oil refinery expansion in Singapore earlier this year to produce additional EHC™ Group II, the company announced.

The refinery manufactures EHC 50, EHC 110 and it also manufactures Core™ Group I base stocks, including Group I HN and bright stock grades for industrial and marine applications.

“Completing the expansion of our Singapore base stock facility has strengthened our manufacturing capabilities and ability to offer larger volumes of EHC Group II base stocks to our customers in Asia-Pacific,” said George W. Arndt, Jr., general manager of global base stock & specialties for ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants.

“Through this investment, we have reaffirmed our long-term commitment to providing high-quality products to the Asia-Pacific market,” he said.

ExxonMobil produces base stocks from the EHC blending slate at multiple sites around the world, offering customers formulation and supply chain flexibility.

“The additional Group II products became available from the Singapore Refinery in January of this year. The expansion enables us to support our customers in Asia-Pacific who are seeking a reliable source of additional high-quality Group II base stocks to meet their own growth needs,” said Ken Chandler, ExxonMobil’s Asia-Pacific base stock sales manager.