FedEx to add 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric delivery vehicles to its fleet
Photo courtesy of FedEx

FedEx to add 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric delivery vehicles to its fleet

FedEx Corp. announced that it is expanding its fleet to add 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric delivery vehicles. FedEx is purchasing 100 of the vehicles from Chanje Energy Inc and leasing 900 from Ryder System, Inc. The purpose-built electric vehicles will be operated by FedEx Express for commercial and residential pick-up and delivery services in the United States.

โ€œFedEx continually seeks new ways to maximize operational efficiency, minimize impacts and find innovative solutions through the companyโ€™s Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize approach to sustainability,โ€ said Mitch Jackson, FedEx Chief Sustainability Officer. โ€œOur investment in these vehicles is part of our commitment to that approach of serving our customers and connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully.โ€

The vehicles are manufactured by FDG in Hangzhou, China, and purchased through Chanje Energy Inc., the companyโ€™s subsidiary for global business. Ryder System, Inc. will provide support services for all of the vehicles.

The EVs can travel more than 150 miles when fully charged and have the potential to help FedEx save two thousand gallons of fuel while avoiding 20 tons of emissions per vehicle each year. The maximum cargo capacity is around 6,000 pounds. All of the EVs will be operated in California.

FedEx has been using all-electric vehicles as part of its pickup-and-delivery fleet since 2009.

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