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FIA WRC to switch to 100% sustainable fuel from 2022

FIA WRC to switch to 100% sustainable fuel from 2022

The Federation Internationale de L’Automobile or FIA will introduce a 100% sustainable fuel in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) from next season, in line with introducing the new generation of power units, which integrate the hybrid technology in Rally1 class vehicles.

Rally1, which will replace the World Rally Car in 2022, will place a greater emphasis on standardised parts than in previous years to make the sport more accessible. Rally1 will also introduce hybrid drivetrains to the sport for the first time. This will take the form of an e-motor that produces 100 kW (134.1 bhp) fitted to current 1.6 L turbocharged inline-4 engine and must be used to power the car when travelling around service parks and through built-up areas when driving between stages.

“The FIA is strongly committed to lead motor sport and mobility into a low carbon future to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and contribute to a greener world. By introducing sustainable fuel made from synthetic and bio components, along with the hybrid technology for Rally1, we are taking a significant step on our path towards the new era of the FIA World Rally Championship in 2022,” said Jean Todt, FIA president.

Established in 1973, the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) showcases high-performance cars derived from production vehicles and some of the world’s best drivers competing in dramatic surroundings.

The World Motor Sport Council has approved P1 Racing Fuels as the exclusive provider for the series under a three-year agreement beginning in 2022.

The aim of selecting a sustainable fuel provider is to enable the FIA and the WRC Promoter to supplement the introduction of hybrid technology for Rally1 with a fuel that uses sustainable sourced materials to ensure a marked reduction in net CO2 emissions, but has the same performance characteristics and the closest possible price point to the current fuel. 

“Our proprietary formulation is the product of four years of research and innovation, representing a first in the world of racing technology, but also, an important step towards carbon neutral engines as part of the future of sustainable mobility. Providing an innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient fuel available at scale is not only exciting for the world of motor sport, but the world of motoring, a promising sign that the future of carbon-neutral production automobiles is now a step closer to reality,” said Martin Popilka, CEO, P1 Racing Fuels.

The decision is the first element to be confirmed of a sustainable energy tender process that started in November 2020, which covers sustainable fuel, branding of plug-in hybrid charging systems and sustainable energy generation and supply.