October 29, 2020

March 8, 2016

  1. Jeff Ng – Asian economic outlook: Retreat, regroup, rebound
  2. Vikas Halan – Asian refining and marketing outlook
  3. Dr. Marc Payne – Nexcel: The revolutionary technology that makes oil changes quick, smart and simple
  4. Wei Song – Shell’s GTL technology for lubricants and fuels
  5. Gerard Heaton – Luberef’s new Group II base oil refinery and Middle East outlook
  6. Mehdi Fathi-Najafi – Possible replacement for of paraffinic Group I base oils over a wide range of viscosities
  7. Alina Li – Synthetic base stocks – A sustainable solution
  8. Martin Curran – Liquid amides: A Group V base stock technology

March 9, 2016

  1. Ming Zheng – Opportunities and challenges of natural gas as transportation fuel for a low-carbon economy: Challenges and strategies of natural gas engines from combustion prospects (Not available)
  2. Simon Tung – Opportunities and challenges of natural gas as transportation fuel for a low-carbon economy: Lubrication prospects for future trends and requirements
  3. Andrew Lo – Natural gas engine oils for improved productivity and increased efficiency
  4. John Palazzotto – Next generation landfill and biogas lubricant for today’s demanding high BMEP engine
  5. Claude-Emmanuel Hedoire – Emulsifiers for metalworking fluids: Balancing performance, labeling and economics
  6. Wolfgang Baumgartner – Lubricant greases: How rheology affects tribology
  7. Hiroki Sekiguchi – The properties of calcium sulfonate complex greases and their structures
  8. Nie ShiChun – China’s lubricants market
  9. Benny Cao – Right product in the right place: Development of a localized gear oil for China
  10. Ming Zheng – Workshop: Challenges and strategies of clean combustion in automotive natural gas engines (Not available)
  11. Wilfried Bartz – Workshop: Synthetic lubricants for high-performance applications

March 10, 2016

  1. Satoshi Hirano – Mechanism of turbocharger coking in gasoline engines
  2. Teri Kowalski – The continuing saga of ILSAC GF-6
  3. Keith Howard – The ACEA 2016 Sequences: Efficiency and protection for tomorrow’s engines
  4. Kazuo Yamamori – JAMA activity report: JAMA engine oil seminar and Asian market survey
  5. Dan Arcy – API CK-4 and FA-4 development update: Advanced heavy-duty engine oil performance and fuel economy
  6. Simon Crane – Optimising friction torque reduction with ultra-low viscosity oils
  7. Tina Dasbach – Shear stability of engine oils
  8. Mathew Abraham – Lubricant development to meet fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions of light- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles
  9. Ian Bell – Evolution of lubricant design for TGDI engines (Not available)
  10. Kaustav Sinha – Future gasoline engine oil development: What to expect? (Not available)

March 11, 2016

  1. Richard van den Bulk – Evolution of European passenger car engine oil specifications
  2. Isabella Goldmints – Self-assembled VMs and the advantages of using them in modern engines
  3. Ben Tan – The influence of formulation components on deposits by TEOST 33C
  4. Martin Curran – Minimising wear and friction of new engine materials with polymeric organic friction modifiers
  5. Masanori Sugiyama – The future of automobiles in 2035: Toward realisation of sustainable mobility society for customers smiles
  6. SSV Ramakumar – Bharat Stage VI emissions compliance – Indian oil industry’s preparedness with respect to both fuel and lube quality
  7. Arunratt Wuttimongkolchai – Trends on fuels and lubricants for supporting Thai low-carbon society by 2030 (Not available)
  8. Kapil Lokare – The future of bio-based fuels and chemicals: A thought experiment
  9. Louis Bertrand – Alternatives to re-refining used oil in a volatile price environment and a low-carbon economy