Poster Presentation
  1. Ben Tan – Development of a New Class of Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil
March 7, 2017 – Pre-conference Workshops
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March 8, 2017
  1. Not Available
  2. Arup Gangopadhyay – Engine Tribology Technology Trends and Engine Oil Challenges
  3. Matthew Joyce – The Drive for Higher Performing Higher Value Lubricants
  4. Anuj Kumar Singh – A Comparative Assessment of the Chinese and Indian Finished Lubricant Markets
  5. Jimmy Zou – Meeting MWF Longevity Requirements without Formaldehyde-Condensate Biocides, Boric Acid and Secondary Amines
  6. Jake Bredsguard – Estolides Closing the Gap Between Performance and Sustainability
  7. Not Available
  8. David Cheong – Global Trends in Food-Grade Lubricants
  9. Not Available
  10. Shana McCabe – Regulatory Hurdles to Entering a New Market as a Small-Medium Sized Company
March 9, 2017
  1. Teri Kowalski – Are we there yet? The GF-6 Journey Continues
  2. Kazuo Yamamori – Revision of JASO Automotive Diesel Engine Oils (DL-0)
  3. Kenji Tomizawa – JASO Fuel Economy Test Method for HDDO and New Category DH-2F
  4. Yasuhiro Kuji – Motorcycle Engine Oil Standards – Current State and Future Trends
  5. Ken Han – A Versatile Component to Meet the Challenges in Modern Transportation Lubricants
  6. Glenn Kenreck – ETHANOX® 4799 – Next Generation Antioxidant
  7. Satoshi Hirano – Development of the Base Oil Technology in the Asia Region and Expectation to Engine Oil Quality
  8. Jerry Wang – Coming of Age of the China Market – Globally Synchronized Introduction of the Latest Categories and How to Manage the Process
  9. Carl Stow – Understanding and Applying European Engine Lubricant Quality Standards
  10. Kaustav Sinha – Bridging the Gap from ILSAC GF-5 to GF-6 – Preparing for New Engine Oil Industry Standards
  11. Manwipa Kuson – Thailand’s Future Plans for Euro 5-6
March 10, 2017
  1. Robert Mainwaring – The Shell Concept Car – Co-Engineering the Future
  2. Not Available
  3. Not Available
  4. Jonathan Evans – Lower Viscosity Engine Oils – A Revolution or Evolution
  5. Alina Li – The ExxonMobil Chemical Metallocene PAO Family is Expanding
  6. Frank DeBlase – Organic Friction Modifier Developments – Further Studies in Correlations of Engine Dynamometer Testing to Time-Dependent Tribological Studies
  7. Xie Jingchun – Technical Routine for China HD Oil Specification Development
  8. Cameron Watson – The Future of Lubrication Technical Services – Choose, Use and Improve
  9. Vincent Gatto – Effective Use of Organo-Molybdenum Compounds for Solving Lubrication Challenges in Modern Engine Oils
  10. Alex Wang – Looking Beyond Viscosity for Improved Drivetrain Efficiency
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