Dr. Markus Scherer – Novel Fuel and Lubricant Components for a Sustainable Future


The fuel and lubricant industry is facing major challenges in view of unprecedented fast and demanding technical changes in the transportation and industrial sector.

After a review of major trends and drivers behind these challenges, the presentation will focus on the topic of sustainability as an increasingly important factor influencing decisions on how to meet future requirements and standards. As a consequence, sustainability solutions are not only required, but also provide the opportunity for industry participants to innovate and differentiate.

From the point of view of a chemical company, examples will be presented on how innovative chemical solutions can help to address challenges provided by new powertrain systems, as well as fuel economy and emission requirements.


Present affiliation: BASF SE

Areas of interest: Lubricant Base Stocks, Synthetic Lubricants, Components for Metalworking
Current Position: Director Global Marketing and Product Development โ€“ Base Stocks and
Metalworking Fluids

Achievements / awards: PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cologne in Germany,
Post-Doc in Chemistry at the University of Berkeley, California

Since 1998 in the chemical industry in various positions mainly speciality chemicals (fuel additives, lubricants, formulation aids for the agrochemical industry, coatings and coatings additives, speciality monomers); more than 40 patents, thereof 25 as first author.

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