Dr. Shuji Kimura -Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) for ZERO emissions


The automobile has undergone continuous improvements from the time it was invented to the present day where it plays a key role in supporting social and economic activities. However, at the same time, various global environmental issues related to vehicle use are becoming more serious, including air pollution and energy concerns. Especially, the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) has been identified as an urgent issue to mitigate the impact of global warming.

It is forecasted that electric vehicle share, including electrified powertrain, will reach 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050, respectively. Electrification provides the innovative changes for internal combustion engines.

In order to realize a sustainable society, the mobility solution promoted by Nissan is based on two pillars. The first one is the widespread use of Battery Electric vehicles (BEV) that produce no CO2 emissions, and the second one is the thorough improvement of the efficiency of vehicles equipped with Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). In the autumn of 2016, Nissan launched a new electric powertrain โ€œe-POWERโ€, a new power unit combining the gasoline engine and the electric motor of BEV. The internal combustion engine of โ€œe-POWERโ€ is used as the engine for power generation. It can operate with most effective rotation speed and load.

This presentation deals with the possibility of new generation ICE for electrification to aim for โ€˜ZERO Emission Vehicleโ€™ that has the same well to wheel CO2 emission as BEVs.


Mechanical Engineering, Tohoku University
Doctoral Degree, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professional Experience:
– 1983, Nissan Research Center, research of diesel combustion system and diesel engine
– 1998, Manager of Nissan Research Center, research of diesel combustion system and simulation development
– 2005, Senior Manager of Powertrain Engineering Division, product development, advanced engineering, and research
of diesel fields
– 2008, Expert Leader
– 2010, Powertrain Program Directorใ€€
– 2013, General Manager of Powertrain Planning
– 2016, Expert Leader
– 2016, Chairperson of Steering Committee, The Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engine (AICE)

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