Hitoshi Hayashi – Biofuel in ASEAN – JAMA Stance


Recently many countries have expressed their interest in electric vehicles (EV), formulating policies to encourage their use. Of cause, EV is very important, but many of todayโ€™s vehicle population still use internal combustion engines (ICE) that run on liquid fuel.

Especially in ASEAN countries, biofuel like FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) is used as an environment friendly fuel, and demand for biofuel is increasing today.

Thus, OEMs should study how it should be used without causing any problems with the existing vehicle fleet.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has been studying and discussing with ASEAN-member countries about biofuel.

In this presentation, I will explain the results of the FAME study by JAMA and JAMAโ€™s position on FAME biofuels.


Current Position: Project General Manager, Material Engineering Div., Toyota Motor Corporation
1986/3: Masterโ€™s Degree, Synthetic Chemistry, Nagoya Institute of Technology
1986/11- 1992/8: Organic Material Development Department, Material Engineering
Division, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Technical Centre
1992/9 โ€“ 2000/1: Strategic Planning Department, Material Engineering Division
2001/2 โ€“ 2002/3: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
(Temporary Transfer)
– Development of Fuel Cell
2002/4 – 2006/12: Fuel Development Department, Material Engineering Division, TMC
2007/1 – 20010/9: Bio-Fuel and Bio-Plastic Development Department, Material Engineering
Division, TMC
2010/10 โ€“ 2013/8: Energy Affairs Department
2013/9 – Current: Leader of JAMA Gasoline Working Group
2014/9 โ€“ Current: Chairman of JAMA Fuel & Lubricants Sub-Committee

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