Kazuo Yamamori – JASO ULV (0W-8) PCMO Specification


Kazuo Yamamori is currently Project Manager of the Tribology Material Department, Material Engineering Division No. 2, Toyota Motor Corporation.

In 1997, Yamamori-san graduated with a Masterโ€™s degree from Nagoya University, and joined Toyota Motor Corporation. He has been in charge of the research and development of automotive lubricants. Since 2014, Yamamori-san has been a leader of the PCMO-WG of JAMA, and chairman of the Engine Oil Sub-Committee of JASO. Since 2015, he has been sub-chairman of the SAE F&L Steering Committee for Asia. Since 2017, he has been a leader of the JASO Next Generation Gasoline Engine Oil Task Force.

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