Kevin Ferrick – API : Potential Changes in New Specification Development


Describe the API engine oil standard-setting processes, summarize the Lubricants Standards Development Review Group’s evaluation of these processes, identify some areas explored by the group, and lay out the timeline for bringing forward recommendations.


Kevin Ferrick currently manages API’s Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System, a voluntary licensing program designed to define, certify, and monitor engine oil performance. The Program’s marks, the Service Symbol “donut” and Certification Mark “starburst,” help consumers identify quality engine oils for their gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Ferrick also manages API’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification and Motor Oil Matters (MOM) programs.

Ferrick became the Engine Oil Program Manager in March 1998. His duties include the management of the API Lubricants Group and its work groups and task forces.

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