Zhu Heju – Energy-Saving Lubrication Technology


In order to meet the rapid development of Chinaโ€™s passenger cars and increasingly strict regulations of fuel consumption limits, passenger car motor oils (PCMOs) formulated to improve the fuel economy of passenger cars, are needed by more and more OEMs. The presentation focuses on the effects of base oils, viscosity index improvers (VII) and friction modifiers on the fuel economy performance of engine oils by conducting the high frequency reciprocating rig test (HFRR) and engine torque test. The test results indicate that PCMOs with PAO base oils, VII of PMA and MoDTC can significantly improve the fuel economy of PCMOs.


Zhu Heju has worked for Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. for 29 years in the area of research and development on PCMO and diesel engine oils. She is currently a professor senior engineer of Beijing Research Institute, Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd.

Zhu Heju received her Masterโ€™s Degree in Chemical Engineering from China University of Petroleum in 1996-1999 and her Bachelorโ€™s Degree in Petroleum Refining from Fushun Petroleum Institute in 1985-1989 . She published more than 35 technical papers in the areas of alternative fuels, lubricants, fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions.

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