Teri Crosby – Electric Vehicle Outlook and Impact on Lubricant/Additives


This presentation will discuss the potential impact of EV penetration on the lubricants and additives market in terms of both passenger car motor oil demand and the possible opportunities that evolving EV technologies may present for the industry.


Teri Crosby is a Global Product Line Manager for Chevron Oronite, focusing on passenger car motor oil and heavy duty diesel engine additives, as well as viscosity modifiers. Previously, Teri has been the Technology Manager for marine lubricants, Global Marketing Manager, Global Account Manager, Advisor to the President, and Global Product Manager for Industrial Engine Oils and Specialty Lubricants. Before joining Chevron Oronite in 1991, she worked in the aerospace industry designing jet and rocket engines. Crosby holds degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Statistics from the University of Florida.

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