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Sustainability in the Lubricants Supply Chain

November 6-7, 2023, Singapore

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6th ALIA Anniversary Dinner

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The highly anticipated ALIA Seminar on Sustainability in the Lubricants Supply Chain, a collaborative effort with F&L Asia Ltd., is just around the corner. This highly anticipated face-to-face event highlights one of the most important issues facing the lubricants industry in Asia today: a proposed legislation requiring 10% re-refined base oil (RRBO) in all finished lubricants sold in India by April 2024. The RRBO component will increase yearly up to 60% by 2029. The seminar will delve into the implications of this legislation and how we can work collectively for a more sustainable and responsible lubricant industry in Asia. If you’re involved in the lubricants industry in any capacity, this is an event that you do not want to miss.

Why Attend?

Take this incredible opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights into the most important problems facing the Asian lubricants industry today. This face-to-face seminar, to be held in Singapore, also provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, establish valuable contacts and explore potential collaborations.

The event precedes the ALIA Subcommittee and Council Meetings, and ALIA’s 6th Anniversary Dinner on November 8, 2023.

Featured Speakers

This exceptional learning experience features 15 speakers and four panel discussions over two days, offering a golden opportunity to gather knowledge and engage with experts on topics such as re-refined base oils (RRBO), RRBO usage in additive and lubricant formulations, sustainable lubricants production, best practices, product carbon footprint reporting and analysis, the circular economy and decarbonisation.

Satyan Gupta
Director, Energy Team Kline & Company

Comparing EPR Guidelines for RRBO in India vs. Other Countries

Dr. T C S M Gupta
Senior Vice President, R&D, QC & Technical Apar Industries Limited

Balancing the EPR Regulatory Framework and Lubricant Performance Requirements: Technology Scenario

Paul Nai
Director, Product Management Lubrizol South East Asia Pte Ltd

RRBO Legislation: A Perspective on Implications for the Lubricants Industry in India and the Region

Raj Padmanabhan
Asia-Pacific Regional Product Line Manager
Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd

RRBO Trends and Usage in Additive, Lubricant Formulations

Rajeev Verma
Regional Head – Technical Services Petronas Lubricants International

Best Practices for Sustainability under Circular Economy with RRBOs

Daniel Koh
Plant Manager Pentas Flora Group

The Evolving Ecosystem of Re-refined Base Oils in Malaysia

Mario Majic
Head of Corporate Governance, Marketing & Business Development, Avista Oil AG

The Role of Circular Value Chains in the Lubricant Industry – An International Perspective on the Current Status of the Circular Economy

C. Herman Nugroho
CEO PT ALP Petro Industry

The Indonesian Lubricants Market and the Role of Re-refined Base Oils

Chee Kong Chung
Managing Director, Smart Tradzt Pte Ltd

The Practical Way to Jumpstart and Sustain Product Carbon Footprint (Lifecycle Assessment) Reporting and Analysis for the Lubricants Industry

Karen Lee
Business Vice President, Process Automation Business, Schneider Electric

Sustainable Lubricants Production in an Evolving Landscape

Jung-Tsung Hung
R&D Manager, Patech Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Commit to Sustainable Development through the Perspective of Ester Base Oils

Michael Liang
Asia Pacific Technology Director, Afton Chemical

Solutions for Re-Refined Base Oils

Dr. Edward Ng
General Manager, Technology, Gulf Marine

Re-Refined Base Oils for Marine Cylinder Lubricants

Sebastian Lischowski
Sustainability Lead Infineum Singapore LLP

Accelerate Decarbonization by Addressing the Economic Question

Lars Van Djik
General Manager – Asia Fluitec

Decarbonizing Industrial Lubricants

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Register by October 31, 2023 to avail of these special bundled rates for both the ALIA Seminar and the ALIA Anniversary Dinner.





Maritime Decarbonisation: Navigating Uncertainty

In his forthcoming address on November 8 during ALIA’s 6th Anniversary Dinner, Dr. Sanjay Kuttan, Chief Technology Officer of the Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation, will tackle the multifaceted issue of maritime decarbonisation, casting a spotlight on the prevailing challenges and uncertainties within the global maritime industry. The focus will be accentuated on international collaborations, policy reforms, and technological innovations essential for achieving a carbon-neutral and sustainable maritime ecosystem.

Dr. Kuttan is expected to outline the environmental challenges currently faced by the maritime industry, characterised by significant greenhouse gas emissions. He will offer strategies and insights to navigate the intricacies and uncertainties of regulatory frameworks, technological shifts, and investment dynamics.

A focal point of Dr. Kuttan’s address will be the unveiling of technological solutions pivotal for maritime decarbonisation. He will delve into alternative fuels, integration of renewable energy, and the consequential impact on lubrication requirements. The shift towards cleaner fuels and energy sources will necessitate innovations in lubrication technology to meet the distinct requirements of new engine and machinery designs.
The evolution of maritime operations, fuelled by decarbonisation efforts, will usher in a new era of lubrication requirements characterized by compatibility with alternative fuels, enhanced performance standards, and adherence to stricter environmental regulations. He will emphasise the industry’s imperative to innovate, adapting formulations and technologies to optimise the performance, efficiency, and environmental footprint of maritime operations in a decarbonised landscape.

Navigating regulatory uncertainties, Dr. Kuttan will spotlight evolving international policies and the role of regional collaborations in framing robust regulations aligned with environmental goals. Financing and investment dynamics will also be dissected, underscoring the importance of strategic alliances and international cooperation.
Concluding his address, Dr. Kuttan will weave together the threads of collective responsibility, innovation, and international solidarity essential for sailing towards a sustainable maritime future. Attendees, including the distinguished members of the Asian Lubricants Industry Association, are anticipated to glean invaluable insights and a rejuvenated perspective on the maritime and lubricants industries’ synergized pathway to resilience and sustainability.

Join us for ALIA’s 6th Anniversary Dinner on November 8, 2023. The evening is set against the backdrop of cocktails and a sumptuous dinner at the opulent Conrad Orchard Singapore.

The event is not limited to ALIA members; we extend a warm invitation to the entire Singapore maritime sector.
The evening promises not only knowledge but also valuable networking opportunities, connecting you with some of the most influential figures in the Asian lubricants industry.