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Ergon's Naphthenic Refinery in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Ergon's Naphthenic Refinery in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Advertorial: Ergon — Prepared to Meet Industry Challenges, Offer Secure Supply

Ergon - United by service, driven by solutions

Ergon has earned the trust of customers in more than 90 countries around the world, thanks to an unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs for solvency and viscosity. With corporate offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe, Ergon maintains a network of strategically located terminals, allowing for efficient and secure worldwide supply of quality products.

Ergon's Paraffinic refinery in Newell, West Virginia
Ergon’s Paraffinic refinery in Newell, West Virginia

Ergon’s refineries include the world’s largest specialty naphthenic oil refinery, with a production capacity of 1,241,000 MT/Year, as well as a major manufacturer of paraffinic base oils and waxes, with production capacity of over 291,000 MT/Year.

The company’s HyGold Base Oils are premium naphthenic and paraffinic oils produced to exact specifications and designed for a variety of lubricating applications, including metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants, grease manufacturing, hydraulic oils, gear oils, heavy-duty engine oils, bar and chain, carriers and diluents, engine oil and more. In addition to base oils, Ergon’s product lines include HyPrene Process Oils, HyVolt Insulating Oils and HyPrint Ink Oils.

Ergon is well-positioned to offer insights regarding disruptive forces and how customers can prepare for the future. The company experienced a significant raw material shift in the late 1990s, similar to the one many refiners are facing today due to reduced production and geopolitical and economic uncertainty. The realization that dependence on a particular type of crude had the potential to leave them unable to meet demand prompted an overhaul of Ergon’s crude outlook and significant investments in their crude processing capabilities and evaluation program.

“What Ergon offers customers goes beyond oil,” explained Chris Marquette, Senior Vice President of Ergon’s Petroleum Specialties Marketing Division. “We are offering security around their production. Ergon’s products are a component in production all over the world, in some of the largest demand centers, and that security is crucial. Through this process, we have learned that there is one fundamental question that every base oil customer wants answered … Is my supplier securing my needed chemistry?” For a list of questions you should ask your supplier, along with lessons learned by Ergon over the years, visit ErgonSpecialtyOils.com/SecureSupply.

“In a world heading toward commoditization, Ergon strives to provide something different … greater value through service,” commented Lance Puckett, President of the Ergon refineries and Specialty Chemicals division. “So much of our business is servicing the customer. To do that effectively, you have to have product, but you also have to have a good, qualified team to meet the expectations of the customer.”

In order to support the company’s long-term plan to expand throughout Asia, Ergon has built a very capable sales force and customer support team with offices in Singapore and Indonesia, led by Per Dahlstedt, Managing Director of Ergon International.

Ergon's Pilot Plant

The foundational principles on which Ergon was formed are ‘Meet Needs, Support Families, Serve Customers.’ “This concept, inspired by our founder many years ago, is reflected in all of our business activities and permeates our culture,” Puckett said. “Ergon’s success is based on our desire to exceed customers’ expectations and needs.”

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, Ergon was founded in 1954 in the petroleum industry’s service sectors. Still family-owned and operated, Ergon is a global organization engaged in a wide range of operations that extend beyond refining and marketing. Company divisions include specialty chemicals, asphalt and emulsions, midstream and logistics, oil and gas, and construction and real estate.

For more information about market trends, Ergon’s lessons learned, and how they can help you prepare for the future, please contact the Ergon team at the numbers below.

Asia  + 65 68081547  |  Europe, Middle East, Africa  + 32 2 351 23 75

North & South America  +1 601 933 3000