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ExxonMobil debuts cooling fluids for enhanced data center efficiency

ExxonMobil debuts cooling fluids for enhanced data center efficiency

In response to the escalating demand for enhanced data center performance, spurred by the widespread adoption of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, ExxonMobil has unveiled a comprehensive suite of data center immersion cooling fluids. These innovative products promise improved energy efficiency, performance enhancement, and cost reduction, addressing the global surge in energy consumption and the imperative for efficient thermal management in data centers.

Portfolio of synthetic and non-synthetic fluids enabling customized solutions

ExxonMobil’s immersion cooling fluids are engineered to optimize data center operations across various sectors and regions. The company has developed a diverse array of liquid cooling products that not only offer superior performance but also adaptability, allowing tailored thermal management solutions to meet individual requirements.

Alistair Westwood, global marketing manager at ExxonMobil Product Solutions, emphasized the pivotal role of these fluids in balancing heat transfer, flashpoint, and materials compatibility to enhance data center component performance.

The immersion fluid products boast a series of notable benefits, including effective heat removal attributed to their lower viscosity levels. They also extend the hardware’s lifespan and can slash the total cost of ownership by up to 40%2, encompassing up to 35%2 in capital expenditure savings and a 50%2 reduction in operational costs. These fluids contribute to enhanced energy efficiency by reducing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)3, a crucial metric in the data center industry.

Liquid cooling presents a superior alternative to conventional air-cooling techniques. By facilitating a reduction in PUE3, it curtails overall energy and water consumption2 and allows for increased rack density, addressing the environmental and space constraints that challenge the industry.

ExxonMobil Immersion Cooling Product Gradeslate
Managing data center energy demand and growth


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