July 03, 2020

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Vivo Energy: At the heart of the African growth story

GDP Per Capita is a typical measure of the standard of living in a country. Divide the gross domestic product (GDP) of a region by its population and you have a measurement of a country’s economic output. In April 2018, the world’s average GDP per capita was USD 11.73 thousand according to the World Economic Outlook. Africa, a resource-rich continent and home to 1.2 billion people, is the poorest continent with USD 1.91 thousand.

May 16, 2018
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Shell’s Tuas lube blending plant boasts twice the capacity of shuttered Woodlands plant

Two striking statistics were shared with the press during the official launch of Shell’s Tuas lubricants and grease plant in Singapore last November. Firstly, the Singapore lube blending plant is the company’s third-largest plant in the world, occupying approximately 100,000 square meters. Yet, Singapore, with a total land area of only 719. 7 square kilometers, is ranked 177th in the world out of 196 countries in terms of land area!

April 4, 2018
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Shell Marine: From molecules to services

In 1874, Henry Wadsworth penned the notion of ships passing in the night, comparing it to a transitory, incidental encounter without lasting significance. Fast forward 140 odd years and the movement of modern fleets is anything but incidental. Challenging times and increasing cost pressures within the marine industry are forcing operators to think differently about their operation, in particular, how the use of data can improve decision making and efficiencies.

February 6, 2018