Quarter Four 2011, Volume 17, Issue 4

Table of Contents

  • Albemarle to produce Novvi’s synthetic renewable base oils
  • Chemtura to further boost capacity of high viscosity PAOs
  • Lubrizol to upgrade Mumbai lab facility
  • Shell opens lubricant technical service center in Zhuhai
  • Sinopec starts construction of Singapore lube blending plant
  • Rhein Chemie introduces new sulfur carrier product range
  • AkzoNobel to acquire China’s Boxing Oleochemicals
  • Chevron Oronite OLOA® 55501 is GF-5 and dexos1® approved
  • Infineum Singapore gets recognition for workplace safety
  • Japan to set new standards for vehicle fuel economy
  • Construction underway for new aromatics complex in Singapore
  • Shell to invest USD 100 million in lube plant in Tianjin
  • When one plus one does not equal two
  • China’s green trucking revolution
  • Bringing space lubes down to earth
  • Evonik team helps optimize low-viscosity engine oil
  • Chevron Oronite to double plant capacity in Singapore
  • Italmatch Lubes to expand in China

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