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Table of Contents

  • Rowe to add 120,000 tons of blending capacity
  • Abu Dhabiโ€™s MAG Group invests USD 50 million
  • Valvoline Cummins opens new plant near Mumbai
  • Gulf Oil launches new blending plant near Buenos Aires
  • Hinduja commissions lube plant in UAE
  • Hyrax Oil sets up joint venture in Africa
  • Bulgariaโ€™s Prista Oil invests in Hungarian plant
  • Worldwide Fuel Charter to publish 5th edition
  • Lubricant industry seeks exemption from 60-66 rule
  • Star polymers promise improved lube performance
  • Fuel economy: science and technology in the fast lane
  • Single-celled blockbuster? The future of cosmetics, fuels, nutritionals and more
  • Base oil markets remain sluggish
  • Is LSPI hindering the pursuit of better fuel economy?
  • Harmonization of vehicle and fuel standards in ASEAN
  • Total Kenya expands lube plant
  • Chevron Oronite announces executive changes
  • BP taps Paul Waterman to head global lubricants business