April 10, 2020

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Quarter One 2018, Volume 24, Issue 1

Table of Contents

  • China: A Single Country with Global Complexity
  • Yip’s Chemical: Why is the Lubricant value chain so long?
  • Puma Energy Australia enters ‘attractive’ lubricants market
  • The European lubricants industry: A tenuous road to recovery
  • 3D printing poised to disrupt global lubricants industry
  • United States truck fuel standards paying dividends
  • Chevron well positioned to capture Asia lubricant growth
  • Shell’s Tuas lube blending plant boasts twice the capacity of shuttered Woodlands plant
  • Shell Marine: From molecules to services
  • ATIEL announces major changes to ACEA Oil Sequences conformance activities
  • Conversation with Des King
  • Only half of carmakers decrease CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy in MY 2016
  • Shell Marine: From molecules to services
  • Boom or bust? Construction equipment market recovery gathers momentum
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