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Table of Contents

  • Reengineering supply chains and shaping the “next normal” in post-Covid 19 China
  • India the only major economy yet to adopt GHS
  • Asia Pacific holds the greatest opportunity for biogas
  • The primary challenge in electric motors is cooling, not lubrication
  • The complex factors driving the fuel-efficiency stagnation paradox
  • Group III base oils attempt to break into wind turbine market dominated by PAOs
  • New fuel economy standards to leave U.S. behind most developed economies
  • Electric vehicle greases – an unclear future
  • Commercial vehicles can be at the forefront of emissions reduction
  • Navigating the uncharted waters of IMO 2020: Fuel stability and compatibility challenges
  • EU: Binding legislation to ensure climate neutrality by 2050
  • Modern real-time microbial testing methods still seen as underutilised