Airbus opens facility to progress hydrogen aircraft tech
Photo courtesy of Airbus

Airbus opens facility to progress hydrogen aircraft tech

Airbus has opened a new facility in Stade, Germany dedicated to developing hydrogen-based technologies to decarbonise aviation under its ZEROe program.

The ZEROe Development Centre, opened January 9, will focus on innovative applications of composite materials to store and distribute liquid hydrogen for aircraft. Researchers will design and test cost-competitive, lightweight cryogenic hydrogen tanks leveraging Airbus’ expertise in composite parts and processes.

“Locating a composites ZEROe center in Germany engages our strong national R&D ecosystem for the hydrogen transition, including the Airbus Composite Technology Center and other partners,” said Airbus Chief Technical Officer Sabine Klauke.

The Stade site will coordinate efforts with ZEROe hubs across Airbus’s European footprint. The collaborative initiatives aim to prove hydrogen-powered flight by 2035 under Airbus’ sustainability roadmap.

The new center will also connect with a proposed regional hydrogen innovation hub and receive public funding support. Decarbonisation of aviation is spurring broader momentum around hydrogen in Germany.

Airbus’ ZEROe program is pursuing multiple technology pathways to achieve net-zero carbon commercial aircraft by 2050, with hydrogen seen as the most promising solution long-term. The groundbreaking innovations being researched and spearheaded by Airbus will be crucial to making sustainable air travel a reality.