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Alexander Duckhams partners with Moove Pro-Brands in Europe

Alexander Duckhams partners with Moove Pro-Brands in Europe
Photo courtesy of Moove Pro Brands

Moove Pro-Brands has been appointed by Alexander Duckhams Limited as the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of Duckhams lubricants, across Europe.

Founded in 1899, Duckhams has been a leading lubricants technology brand throughout much of Europe for most of the 20th and 21st centuries, with a significant brand presence in many forms of motorsport. 

“The team at Duckhams is extremely excited in partnering with Moove Pro-Brands, having carefully evaluated several companies Moove Pro-Brands stood out in terms of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment for Duckhams: together, we hope to achieve the leading position in Europe in automotive lubricants,” said Jabir Sheth, Duckhams chairperson.

“We’re thrilled to have been trusted to re-launch and re-invigorate the iconic Duckhams brand across Europe. In spite of a brief market absence, our data shows time and again that Duckhams is still one of the most recognised lubricants brands amongst automotive consumers and trade professionals alike,” said Mike Bewsey, Moove Pro-Brands spokesperson.

“With a newly developed range of OE approved oils – offering coverage of the latest vehicles, a striking new brand image and packaging both reminiscent of the traditional identity andappealing to modern consumers alike, the Duckhams brand story is as much about the future as it is a rich and colourful past,” said Bewsey.

“For Duckhams, Moove Pro-Brands is the perfect partner with outstanding lubricant technology and marketing expertise. We hope to deliver outstanding quality and service to our customers and help them grow their business,” said Sheth.