Ampol and Hanson collaborate on renewable diesel experiment
Photo courtesy of Ampol

Ampol and Hanson collaborate on renewable diesel experiment

Australia’s Ampol, formerly Caltex Australia, is set to launch a renewable diesel test, naming Hanson as its inaugural client collaborator.

This initiative will grant Ampol insights into the potential demand and market viability of renewable diesel within Australia. The blend provided to Hanson will comprise 20% renewable diesel and 80% ultra-low sulphur diesel, enhanced with Ampol’s Amplify additives.

This move comes on the heels of Ampol’s recent collaboration with Japan’s ENEOS, aiming to investigate renewable fuel production at the Lytton refinery.

Brent Merrick, Ampol’s executive general manager of International and New Business, emphasised the trial’s significance in reinforcing Ampol’s reputation as a top-tier fuel supplier. He remarked, “Recognising the evolving transport energy priorities of our clientele, collaborations with industry frontrunners like Hanson are crucial. Renewable diesel, especially in sectors challenging to decarbonise, is intriguing due to its minimal requirements for fleet or infrastructure modifications.”

Hanson, renowned for its building and construction materials, boasts a vast production and distribution network throughout Australia. Phil Schacht, Hanson Australia’s chief executive, stated, “Innovation is pivotal to our CO2 reduction strategy across the supply chain.”

The trial is slated to commence soon, spanning roughly two months. A comprehensive assessment will precede any potential broader implementation to Ampol’s extensive client network.