October 22, 2020

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ASTM International releases new edition of best-selling fuels manual

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., Nov. 20, 2019 – Today, global standards organization ASTM International announced the release of the Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing. The handbook is the second edition of the best-selling fuels manual.

Originally published in 2003, the second edition features fourteen new chapters, with most chapters completely rewritten.

The new fuels manual contains 49 chapters from nearly 100 authors that address a variety of important petroleum technologies, including:

  • General material production,
  • Pipeline corrosion,
  • Non-petroleum process fluids and ionic fluids,
  • Fuel cleanliness,
  • Metalworking and machining fluids,
  • Volatility,
  • Asphaltenes,
  • Environmental characteristics of fuels and lubricants,
  • Bench test modeling,
  • Biofuels,
  • Lubricant friction and wear testing, and more.

Although this manual serves as a resource for those working at petroleum labs, oil refineries, and lubricant and grease plants, it would also be helpful for petroleum chemists, engineers, researchers, technicians, and those in academia.

For more information on the Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing—Second Edition, visit www.astm.org/MNL37-2ND.

About ASTM International

Committed to serving global societal needs, ASTM International positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life. We integrate consensus standards – developed with our international membership of volunteer technical experts – and innovative services to improve lives… Helping our world work better.

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