Biobase Sweden announces a "revolutionary" line of base oils
Photo courtesy of Biobase Sweden

Biobase Sweden announces a “revolutionary” line of base oils

Swedish start-up Biobase Sweden AB, which just completed its second round of capitalization early this month, announced a “revolutionary” line of biobased and  biodegradable base oils.  

The company based in Bandhagen is not willing to disclose too much information at this time, except that it has “solubility like naphthenics and VI like Group III paraffinics.”

In an interview with F&L Asia, Biobase Sweden CEO Erik Josephsson and Founder and Director of Technology Per Wiklund, said that it’s difficult to put their product into a box because it is an unconventional base oil. He described it as a disruptive technology. 

“We believe these  products can serve as the main component of finished lubricants, metal working  fluids, process oils and greases. Another possibility is as carrier material in additive packages for sustainable lubricants,” they said. “In today’s market the products can  compete with PAO and outcompete biodegradable esters.“

“We’re not willing to discuss the source of the molecule,” said Wiklund, but said that it is “easily scalable” and the price is competitive. “It has a good sustainability profile,” he added.

Wiklund said the base oil has been tested with several additives. Among the properties they are willing to disclose are, the product has a high viscosity index (VI), low pour point (up to minus 30 degrees Centigrade), reasonable oxidation stability, and high solubility. It has not been tested for Noack volatility, he said.

The company said small-scale samples are now available.

Wiklund worked in the R&D department of naphthenic base oil manufacturer Nynas AB, before venturing into his own. He helped develop a high-performance transformer oil for Nynas, which is now available in the market. 

Josephsson also worked at Nynas. The two formed Biobase Sweden in 2019 and has since launched several products for the construction industry. Biobase Sweden AB is focused on bio-based high  performance functional fluids for the construction, manufacturing, process, and lubricant industries.