Bodo Möller Chemie announces new ownership structure
Photo courtesy of Bodo Möller Chemie

Bodo Möller Chemie announces new ownership structure

Bodo Möller Chemie, a leading distributor and solution provider for specialty chemicals based in Offenbach, Germany, has undergone a significant change in its shareholder structure. Following Viola Möller’s departure on December 7, 2023, Korinna Möller-Boxberger and Frank Haug have assumed sole ownership, with Haug now the majority shareholder. This transition marks a new era for the family-owned enterprise, aligning with its ‘Fit for Future 2030’ vision.

Korinna Möller-Boxberger, who has been intimately connected with the company since childhood and joined its executive management in 1996, has teamed up with Haug to form the new shareholder duo. 

“Both of us are committed to positioning my father’s company for future success and addressing market challenges through strong partnerships,” Möller-Boxberger said, emphasising the importance of sustainable growth.

Haug, who has been instrumental in steering the company’s growth, transformed Bodo Möller Chemie from a modest operation in 2000, with a turnover of EUR6 million (USD6.6 million) and 12 employees, into a global entity with a turnover of EUR200 million (USD221.4 million) and 340 employees worldwide. Haug, who joined the company in 1998, became chairman of the Board in 2000, has been a shareholder since 2005. Under his leadership, the company evolved from a shipping operator to an application specialist, leveraging technical know-how and consultancy competence. 

“Our core expertise is in translating chemical knowledge into construction,” Haug said. “We plan to significantly expand our operations in energy storage, battery, mobility, and aerospace sectors, ensuring the company’s stability and growth.”

Fit for future 2030 goals

Bodo Möller Chemie has set ambitious goals to triple its turnover to EUR600 million (USD664.2 million) by 2030. The company’s strategic direction focuses on sustainability, digitisation, and innovative future technologies. “Our consistent focus on future technologies is a key part of our corporate strategy,” Haug said. The company plans to enhance its technology expertise and further develop its Adhesive Competence Centers in Poland, China, India, and the U.S.A. Additionally, significant global expansion is on the horizon for the coming years.