Carbon-neutral fuel now available at Berlin filling station
Photo courtesy of P1

Carbon-neutral fuel now available at Berlin filling station

P1, the global leader in carbon-neutral fuel, based in Berlin, Germany, is now offering its synthetic, climate-neutral fuel at a selected filling station in Berlin, specifically for the German government’s vehicle fleet, 95% of which are still internal combustion vehicles. 

The fuel is produced by P1 without the use of any fossil componentes via bio and synthetic routes. 

P1 ECO 100 PRO is an advanced sustainable fuel that meets the EN228 standard and can be used by any vehicle without any technical modification enabling the 1.6 billion internal combustion engines on the roads today to be decarbonised by just switching fuel. The fuel was developed on the special stages of the FIA World Racing Championships (WRC) and has also been tested in passenger cars by the University of Darmstadt where emissions and compatibility was tested. 

“With this new offer, we are sending a clear signal: Climate-neutral operation of combustion engines is already possible. Together with policymakers, we must find ways to apply the technical solutions on a larger scale and make climate-neutral fuel attractive to consumers. This fuel is a necessary building block for Germany to become climate neutral by 2045, because some types of vehicles will still have to be powered by internal combustion engines. We invite government agencies to take an important first step now by running parts of their vehicle fleets on CO2-neutral fuel,” said Martin Popilka, CEO of P1.