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Castrol Industrial’s Iloform CFX to improve manufacturing with clean technology

10 January 2013 – Castrol Industrial, the global provider of high performance lubricants and metalworking fluids, has launched a new range of lubricants for metal forming processes across markets including Japan, Italy and Germany. The Castrol Iloform CFX range helps users achieve environmental compliance, benefit from improved performance characteristics and potentially cut costs.

Traditionally, companies involved in certain deformation processes have depended on chlorinated paraffin-based products as part of the production process; a material increasingly under focus due to its hazardous potential, high waste cost and corrosion risk. With the introduction of the lloform CFX range, manufacturers now have a chlorine-free alternative with none of the performance reductions or added expense traditionally associated with existing chlorine-free alternatives.

Castrol Iloform CFX 25 is the first product of this new range to launch. It is a premium, low-viscosity, neat-forming oil based on a chlorine-free additive technology that provides a high-level of lubricity, exceptional load carrying capacity and performance under extreme pressures.

The product can be used as a metal deformation lubricant for ferrous materials and is particularly recommended for use on multi-wire machines, drawing high-alloy and stainless steel wire to produce fine to medium wire thicknesses, as it produces high-quality surface finishes which could help improve die life.

In addition, Iloform CFX 25 is suitable for a wide variety of other forming applications, including punching, stamping, stamp-bending and threading of alloyed and carbon steel parts, such as expansion anchors, compression fittings and springs.

Michael Petzold, global product manager, deformation at Castrol Industrial says: “At Castrol Industrial, we invest consistently in new technology and innovation to develop solutions for customers – the new Iloform CFX range is just one example of this.

“Many of our customers have experienced increased performance and reduced operating costs with the new lloform CFX 25, and it can also help manufacturers achieve HSE compliance. With excellent detergency properties, the product helps to remove metallic fines from tool dies which can help to reduce tool re-work costs and product defects, while its low viscosity promotes better machinery flushing which can reduce consumption of lubricant and as a result may enhance service life.”

To find out more about Castrol lloform CFX 25, please visit: www.castrol.com/industrial.