Castrol to supply lubricants across Ford’s European dealer network
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol to supply lubricants across Ford’s European dealer network

Castrol, a global leader in automotive lubricants, has once again secured its status as the recommended oil for Ford vehicles. This endorsement, which extends a long-standing partnership, will continue for an additional five years.

The new five-year deal ensures that Castrol will remain the recommended lubricant supplier across Ford’s European dealer network, and the two companies will also continue the co-development of automotive fluids until December 2027. 

Since first supplying lubricants to Ford in 1914, Castrol has used this pioneering partnership to drive innovation in automotive fluids. These include the development of co-engineered oils for the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine that won the prestigious ‘International Engine of the Year’ award three years running, as well as ongoing motorsport collaborations, most recently with Ford’s Word Rally Championship (WRC) team.    

Development of Ford-Castrol engine oils began when the EcoBoost engine was first introduced in 2002. The Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC product range is now five-strong, including two formulations that include DUALOCK technology. DUALOCK, which features in the 0W-30 D and 5W-20 E formulations, protects against engine damage caused by continuous start-stop driving. This is essential as evolving vehicle demands mean that drivers can now find themselves starting and stopping up to 18,000 times a year, based on a global average from 50 cities.

The refreshed Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC line-up also includes 0W-20 Diesel, 5W-30 A5 and 5W-40 OE formulations.

“Castrol and Ford have a remarkable history of collaboration, and by extending the partnership we can work on advanced fluids for a new generation of powertrains. Together, we will engineer exceptional fluid and engine technologies that deliver optimal performance and reliability,” said Paul Smith, account director, Castrol.

Available exclusively through Ford dealerships, the Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC product range will expand again later this year with the introduction of a new Ford-Castrol MAGNATEC 0W-20 engine oil.