Champion addresses popularity of alternative fuel vehicles
Photo courtesy of Champion Lubricants

Champion addresses popularity of alternative fuel vehicles

Champion Lubricants has expanded its GAS engine oil product range in response to the rising popularity of alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to the existing CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W40 GAS, the company has launched a new viscosity grade, CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W30 GAS.

Dual fuel vehicles, which use a combination of petrol and either liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG), LPG or CNG, make up 98% of the alternative fuel vehicle market. This growth is being supported by sustainability legislation and European incentives to promote the development of alternative fuel infrastructure. Due to a combination of environmental, economic and efficiency benefits, the alternative fuel vehicle market already makes up 3.2% of passenger vehicles and 1.5% of light-duty vehicles in Europe. 

Unique requirements of gas-fueled vehicles

As the popularity of these vehicles increases, so too does the expectation of technicians and workshops across the region to adequately service them. To support market demand and address the unique requirements of gas-fuelled vehicles, Champion is investing in the development of its GAS range of engine oils. 

 “Dual Fuel, LPG and CNG vehicles have a unique set of requirements that are not met by regular engine oils. The use of gas causes higher combustion temperatures, making it critical that workshops use lubricants designed for the application. With the gas vehicle market experiencing steady growth, we jumped at the opportunity to further expand our GAS range,” said Willy Van Tichelen, technical product manager, Champion Lubricants.

Champion Lubricants’ GAS product range is comprised of fully synthetic lubricants that have been specifically formulated to meet the requirements of dual fuel, LPG and CNG passenger cars and light-duty vehicles.

 Champion’s GAS range works to shield and protect the engine’s valves in the higher combustion temperatures of gas vehicles and neutralise acidic compounds. The lubricants feature excellent fluidity for easier cold starts, optimum lubrication and quality ingredients that allow for extended drain intervals, in line with manufacturer requirements.  

 The range can also be used in a variety of petrol, diesel and gas-retrofitted vehicles – helping to reduce distributor and workshop inventory requirements. CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W30 GAS and CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W40 GAS are available in a wide range of packaging sizes from 1 to 1,000 litres. 

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