Dow Corning outlines effective solutions for extreme oil & gas challenges

MIDLAND, MICHIGAN, USA – Oil and gas producers strive for increased equipment reliability and added service life. They demand operational and environmental safety, and they work to eliminate downtime, reduce maintenance and prevent losses. And they always look for ways to increase output. Dow Corning’s effective solutions for extreme conditions help them get these tough jobs done right.

Whether facing challenges on salty offshore platforms, in dusty oilfields, at safety-critical terminals or along high-pressure pipelines, oil and gas producers want proven solutions. Molykote® brand specialty lubricants and Dow Corning® brand severe-duty sealants are designed to help solve critical problems that occur during exploration and extraction, transport, storage, and processing.

  • Molykote® brand Smart Lubrication solutions include severe-duty greases, anti-seize pastes, anti-friction coatings, and silicone oils and greases. These advanced formulations can help control friction and wear, reduce fretting corrosion and galling, extend lubrication intervals, and improve reliability.
  • Severe-duty silicone sealants from Dow Corning, including pastes, coatings, form-in place gasketing materials and hot-melt assembly adhesives, are suitable for equipment assembly, maintenance shop repairs and in-field service and are designed to meet the many challenges in oil and gas applications.
  • Dow Corning’s global commercial network and team of technical experts provide local support on a global basis, collaborating with customers to find effective solutions for specific problems.

Learn more about Dow Corning’s specialty lubricants and severe-duty sealants for extreme applications in the oil and gas industry by visiting or reading our new brochure developed for customers and prospects, channel partners, sales and support, and business centers.

See Dow Corning’s oil and gas solutions at upcoming trade shows

Dow Corning will be an exhibitor at upcoming oil and gas industry trade shows, including the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference, scheduled for May 2 through 5 in Houston, Texas, and the inaugural OTC Brasil event, scheduled for October 4 through 6 in Rio de Janeiro.

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